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All Your Power Need Under One Roof
All Your Power Need Under One Roof

Unplanned downtime affects every aspect of your business. That’s why we offer reliable and efficient products that work together to safeguard your mission-critical networks.


Vertiv formerly known as Emerson Network Power delivers a full range of Liebert uninterruptible
power supplies (UPS) for industries, server racks, IT sector,Offices

Capacity rating : 600VA to 1000kVA 

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SMF  Battery

Amaron Quanta is not just another UPS battery, it is a UPS battery with a back-up for a back-up.is the product of fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology
, produced and tested .

      Capcity ranges from
      12v/7.2 AH to 12v/200A &
      2v/100AH to 2v/2000AH

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Active Harmonic Filter

State-of-the-Art active filter,
 dynamically cleans up Harmonics and
improves Power Factor, for all types ofelectrical installations. It has dynamic  control features
       Ratings Available: 30 to 300 A

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Our stabiliers have High reliability,
Capability to compensate wide, mains voltage variations,
High precision of stabilized voltage
Stabilizing of high power services
Simple and limited maintenance

Ratings : 1kVA to 100kVA

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VRLA SMF Battery

Amara Raja's Powerstack, is a high performance battery designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial applications
Range: 2v/100Ah to 2v/6000Ah

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Battery Charger

Amararaja Battery Chargers deliver quality DC outputs across various utilities and industrial
sectors are designed and manufactured using the latest cutting edge

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Automatic Transfer Switch

Switch loads efficiently for uninterrupted operations with ASCO. Two-Source Systems, designed for automatic switching of loads between
the utility source and an alternate source of power.

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Precison AC

A self-contained data center cooling unit that is ideally suited and designed for cooling server rack cabinets in small and medium data centers.
Liebert CRV features the iCOM Control and a digital scroll
compressor, for high reliability

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Data Centre

SmartRow™ solves a problem all too common to IT management, addressing IT needs without building new data center space. Think of SmartRow as a data center in a row -- a simple, fully integrated row-based

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Rack Monitoring System

Knürr RMS Compact
Constant Reliability with Remote Monitoring  System Reliability and Availability System and network management requirements mean the systems’ ambient conditions must be monitored

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Surge Suppressor

The Liebert powersure Panel incorporates proven technology to provide
unparalleled protection from the transient surges and electrical line noise(ELN)

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Static Switch

For maximum availability applications, the Liebert Static Transfer Switch2 (STS2)
provides an automatic, seamless transfer between your critical load and the outputs otwo independent UPS systems

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Avocent LCD Local Rack Access Console

The simplicity, efficiency and ease of use to make it
the perfect in data center
access point. The LRA line enables ease of access to multiple servers making software upgrades, troubleshooting  and system mo​nitoring convenient and less time-consuming.

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Digital KVM Switch

To create  a faster method to diagnose, reconfigure
or restore equipment with digital KVM switches
.It  provide remote management to access and
control servers in data centers.

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Rack Mount Power Supply

When IT infrastructures, require greater flexibility and efficiency, the Avocent® RMPSU delivers the same reliability of Avocent’s traditional power solutions  that aren’tpossible with external power supplies.

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Rosemount Pressure,Level, Flow & Temperature Measurement

Looking for measurement and analytical devices, valves and final control elements, or systems. Emerson's technology know-how  enable us to deliver the proven performance and reliability our customers expect.

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Your Satisfaction is Our Aim

UPS Service Maintenance

Battery Health Checkup

24 x 7 Online Support

We will provide you with preventive maintenance service for all your system to minimize potential downtime.
Maximize battery efficiency, minimize lifecycle costs and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime with a package of battery services.
Our Engineers are dedicated to support you online and in field around the clock.

Consultancy on your Power backup design

Annual Maintenance Contract

Book an Appointment for Free service

We can identify how well your protection systems work today,
tell you what you need to do in order to bring them back up to your standards, and provide a blueprint for future growth.
The purpose of maintenance is to make your system  last as long as
possible, perform within their originally designed operating parameters
and to replace their  components before they fail. Annual contract make sure your business stays up and running without any disturbance.
Call and register with us and  we will provide you one free service for your UPS System and Battery Health Checkup.